Donnerstag, 11. März 2010

Olympic Games 2.0

In 2000, Sydney celebrated the Olympic Games which took place near Homebush Bay. After I had visited the spot 2 weeks before with Giacomo having found out, that it was impossible to see all sights and venues in one day, I came back today to complete this journey.Unfortunately I was late and had to hurry to book the Explore Tour around ANZ-Stadium, the former Stadium Australia. However, when I arrived I was the first person to sign in and got kind of a private guided tour. My guide was really nice, could answer every question and she even showed me some places which the tour normally doesn't include. The tour was supported by pictures and films, giving me an Impression of the "best games ever" again: The opening and closing ceremony, Cathy Freeman litting the olympic flame and especially winning the 400m. The Stadium seated 110.000 people during the games but was reconstructed after the games and has now a capacity of 83.000 seats. The seats are colored in different blue shades, expressing waves. Nowadays the stadium is mainly used for sport events such as Rugby, AFL and soccer, as well as for concerts. There are no athletic competitions anymore, after the track has been removed. Before the Olympic Games have started, people have been able to apply for a 32year membership, too see every competition of the Olympic Games as well as today's sport events, for just 35.000$. At the end of the tour, I jumped on top of the podium and felt like an Olympic Champion.As I got closer to the Aquatic Centre, in which Ian Thorpe swam to his Gold Medals, I could hear students chearing. When I entered it, I realized that they were chearing for their schoolmates competing in the swimming pool. I sat down for quite a while enjoying the atmosphere and feeling as if I was a part of the games.There are still a lot of events in the Olympic Parc, and most places are opened for public use, such as the Hockey Centre, the Tennis Courts, the Golf Course and of course the Aquatic Centre, even the houses of the Olympic Village were sold. The Olympic Torch was integrated into a small park outside the stadium.
After this journey, I can imagine why people call the Sydney Games the "best games ever."

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